Silver, just like gold, is one of the most popular investments especially for the precious metal investors. One of the major reasons why it is desirable is that it is priced affordably than gold. For just same amount of money, you can order much more ounces of the silver.

Moreover, when you buy silver bars, you can get them in many sizes and they are available easily. Read on to know some other important reasons too why you too should consider investing in silver!

Silver too is real money!

While silver might not be a currency or a part of it, it is still considered to be money. As a matter of fact, it is ultimate form of the money since it cannot be created of thin air like digital forms. The real money here is physical silver. Physical silver is store of great value since it has:

  • Never been defaulted. If you have physical silver, you don’t have any default risk. It is not the case for any other investment.
  • No counterparty risk. If you own physical silver, you don’t require any other party to make good on a promise or contract. This is generally not the case with bonds or stocks.
  • Long term usage of money. According to monetary history, silver has already been use in the coinage more than gold!

Silver is much more practical for daily small purchases

Silver is not only cheap to buy, it is even more practical when you require sell it. It is quite possible that you may not want to sell an ounce of gold to cater some of your small financial need. At such times, silver come handy since it also comes in small denominations as compared to gold. This is the very reason why every investor must have some silver around always!

Industrial use of Silver is always on rise

No matter whether you agree or not, you cannot go one day without using any product containing silver. Today, it is used in almost all industries, right from medical applications, solar panels, and batteries to different electronics. Silver is just everywhere. Amongst all elements, silver is indispensable metal. It is most thermally conductive, electrically conductive, as well as reflective.

Well, modern life would really not exist without silver. Silver has been proven as most performing asset in global market. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in it now!