As an investor, you are probably interested in adding diversity to your portfolio. If you are keen on investing in precious metals, you should consider silver as a part of the mix. Silver prices, much like other metals, fluctuate, depending on a number of different market factors. Between 2007 and 2012, the global prices for silver were at its best as compared to other years, and currently, investment advisors suggest investing in silver, depending on the goals of the investor.

Ways to invest in silver

You can buy silver in a number of forms. As far as physical silver is concerned, you need to go for sterling grade or anything above that. The sterling grade of silver is also known as 925, because it contains around 92.5% of the metal, with the rest being other metals like copper. The most common and traditional form of investment is silver coins and silver bars, which are mostly made of silver and are sold at a price higher than the current market value of the silver. Unlike gold, silver is not expensive, so your investments can be considerably higher, especially if you are interested in tangible assets. For physical silver, the only issue is storage, because the volume is much higher than gold. Another option is go for contracts, futures and other intangible investments in silver. In this case, you will not have real silver, but assets that will fluctuate on the current value of the metal.

 Finding a dealer

There are a number of dealers, who buy and sell silver in varied forms. When it comes to buying physical precious metals, you need to find a dealer who is experienced and trustworthy at the same time. You have to be extremely cautious about the options they offer, and if they have a good name in the market. Apart from jewelry, you can buy silver in form of bullion, flatware and holloware, timepieces, and dental work. The dealer should also have considerable amount of information on precious metals and must be capable of guiding you with the investments. It is always better to work with licensed dealers of precious metals, because they deal with purchases and sales on a regular basis. Take your time to evaluate the value of the dealer, and make sure to ask questions, if you have any related to the quality, purity and other aspects.

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