We have all heard stories of how damaging roof leaks can be to the overall structure of the property. Even a small seepage of water left unresolved can make the entire structure weak and can pause a potential safety risk to the occupants of the building. However, the problem is that most roof leakages go unnoticed and undetected unless they show up on the walls. And by this time, the seepage could have caused substantial damage. So it’s better to take timely action and get Soprema Canada waterproofing done for the roof. In fact, many commercial property owners, home owners associations, and apartment complexes are insisting on getting the roofs waterproofed.

Why should you consider a waterproof roof for your property?

  • It will help you seal all water penetration areas and reduce future risk to the overall structure.
  • It will help you extend the lifecycle of your existing roof and make it more sustainable.
  • Water leakages often lead to maintenance costs. A waterproofed roof will reduce the amount you spend on maintaining the roof in the future.
  • It gives you added protection against other natural elements like storms and snowfalls.

Here is a quick snapshot of the benefits of waterproofing the roof of your property.

  • Reduces temperature: A waterproofed rood contains compounds that reflect UV and infrared radiation from the sun. This reduces the overall heating of the interior of the property and gives you cooler temperatures.
  • Environment Friendly: The reduction in indoor temperature leads to less use of air conditioning systems which are primarily responsible for heat island effects in urban areas. Secondly, since there is no wear and tear of the roof involved, there is no new landfill waste that gets generated.
  • Durability: The SBS membranes have better resistance to natural elements like storms and heat and snowfalls. They also have high tensil strength which reduces the possibilities of cracking of roof and improves its durability.

  • No Disturbance: Waterproof roofs from Suprema Canada can be installed without having to remove the existing roofing system. You hardly feel the distraction and it gets done in less time than having to build a new roof.

Waterproofing your roof can be a complex task. It is better to call in experts or technicians from a reputed roofing solution provider like Soprema who know how to handle different types of membranes and how to lay them to your existing roof.