Are you thinking of applying SEO techniques to your website? Well, SEO has traversed a long way from being a tough task to an easy process. It is simply the practice of putting your website on top of search engine results page for keywords and terms associated with the business niche you deal with. If you come from an it background, SEO compliance would be cake walk for you.

Ample videos and articles are available to teach you ‘how to increase your ranking’, but only a technically proficient person can win the race. There have been several companies which have worked tirelessly for months but have ended up far short of their goals. Here are some of the points to ponder on for anyone planning to hire a SEO singapore company.

Genuine company 

Make an aggressive research while hiring any SEO company. There are several fake and illegitimate companies populating the web. To find out if they are genuine, just ask them what client base they have and what is their survival success rate on search engines. The older the site, the more genuine is the company, because search engines automatically blacklist non-genuine sites. Also, the cost factor should not be ignored under any circumstance. If the company is offering excessively cheap rates then it’s a warning that things aren’t what they seem.

New technologies 

Google and other search engines continue to evolve each day. There is always a new code added to its algorithm to improve its efficiency. A good SEO company will be fully updated with these new techniques. One of the best examples is directory and article submission, which Google has already removed from the list of SEO practices. So, if you get an offer from a company saying they do article or directory submission; think twice before accepting that offer.

Size of the company 

Size of the company shouldn’t actually have any effect on your decision. There are several small but good firms as well as big giants in the market. Applying too many strategies for a single website can lead to your website ending up in Google’s black list. Why to land into such a situation.


There is no certification provided by Google for search engine optimization. A company can become a Google partner, but certification in this field is completely illegitimate. Any company that displays a certification is trying to convey false information.